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On this page, you can find links to all the best resources on the internet to help you study the Bible alongside Free Daily Bible Study. Enjoy!

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Books on Biblical Theology


If you are looking to find the right place to start learning the story of the Bible, start with O. Palmer Robertson’s classic, The Christ of the Covenants. It’s readable, accessible, and easy to follow as he lays out how God progressively revealed himself through salvation history by covenants.

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The Temple and the Church’s Mission is one of the most important books I have read to understand the full scope of God’s plan to dwell with his people on the earth. I highly recommend this book, but I will warn that this book is on the more technical side of the books I suggest to read.

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Biblical Theology by Geerhardus Vos is the classic on what Vos calls “the history of special revelation.” This is a more technical book then Robertson’s Christ of the Covenants but far richer, with many more insights into specific passages that make this book very rewarding to read.

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Allen Ross is one of my former seminary professors, and I had the privilege of taking a class on worship with Dr. Ross right after the publication of Recalling the Hope of Glory. This book is an extraordinary overview of that studies the theology of worship across the whole Bible.

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Audio Resources on Biblical Theology

Edmund Clowney (Westminster Theological Seminary): Biblical Theology

Westminster Theological Seminary offers a classic course on Biblical Theology by the late Dr. Edmund Clowney, where Dr. Clowney teaches through two major sections: Christ in the Old Testament and Christ in All the Scriptures. This course is well worth your time to listen to!

Covenant Theology by Dr. J. Ligon Duncan (Reformed Theological Seminary)

Reformed Theological Seminary offers a 26-lecture course on Covenant Theology by Dr. J. Ligon Duncan for free through iTunes University. You might be interested in browsing all RTS’s iTunes University courses but this comes from an outstanding pastor and theologian.

Covenant Theological Seminary Course: Biblical Theology

Covenant Theological Seminary offers several courses, including one on Biblical Theology by Dr. Gerard Van Groningen. Description: “An overview of the covenantal structure of biblical revelation, and how concepts of kingdom, covenant, and mediator unify the Scriptures.”

Reformed Forum (Vos Group)

Reformed Forum hosts a variety of wonderful podcasts on several topics, but my favorite is the Vos Group, an ongoing discussion of Geerhardus Vos’s book Biblical Theology (see above). Even if you aren’t reading the book, these episodes are fantastic for working through the story of the Bible.

Books on Genesis


Creation and Blessing is a masterful commentary on the book of Genesis, and although it includes many technical details to help preachers proclaim the message of Genesis, Allen Ross still writes it in a way to be readable to the average reader. Most importantly, this is a highly practical book.

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The Pentateuch as Narrative spans more than the book of Genesis to provide commentary on all five of the first books of the Bible, but the bulk of its commentary centers on Genesis. Sailhamer’s greatest strength is to help us see links to other stories and narratives throughout the rest of the Bible.

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While John Calvin is most often known for his classic work, The Institutes of Christian Religion, his biblical commentaries were of extraordinary value—I return to them again and again. Get Calvin’s Genesis commentary here on Kindle, or you can also read his commentary online for free at CCEL.

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Charles Spurgeon preached 95 sermons on Genesis over the course of his ministry. I edited this book for Kindle to put together all of his sermons in canonical order (rather than the order in which he preached them) for the first time. This is Spurgeon’s preached commentary on the book of Genesis.

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Sermons on Genesis

Desiring God (John Piper) 

Over the years, John Piper is a preacher to whom I return again and again. I know few other preachers who are able to proclaim Jesus Christ and him crucified in the way that John Piper does, with such detailed exegesis and exposition.

Heritage Netherlands Reformed Church (Dr. Joel Beeke)

Sermons on Genesis by Dr. Joel Beeke and others at Heritage Reformed Church. When I was preaching through a sermon series on the life of Abraham, I listened to almost all of these sermons, and they were excellent—wonderful devotional content.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones Trust

I have benefited immensely from reading and listenint to Martyn Lloyd-Jones, and the MLJ Trust has generously made available recordings from his sermons available for free on the website. There are several from the book of Genesis, so check them out.


Monergism offers a wide variety of resources for studying the Bible and Christian theology. Here is a link to a wide variety of sermons and other resources on Genesis, including PDFs, links to other websites, and downloadable mp3 audio files.

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