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Frequently Asked Questions about the M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan

What is the M'Cheyne Bible Reading Plan?
The M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan was created by Robert Murray M’Cheyne, a 19th century Scottish minister. The full plan works through the New Testament and Psalms twice every year, and the rest of the Old Testament once every year.
What's so great about this plan?
The biggest benefit of the M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan is that you read through the entire Bible every year with the full plan. Or, if you only read through one track every year, you will read through the entire Bible in three years.

Still, there are many plans that work through the entire Bible. The additional benefit of the M’Cheyne Plan is that you will read through different parts of the Bible at all times if you use the full plan. So, on January 1st, you will read Genesis 1, Matthew 1, Ezra 1, and Acts 1—four vastly different points within the canon.

This is a plan that has been used by many well-known Christians through the years, including D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, John Stott, Joni Eareckson Tada, and D. A. Carson

How many chapters do I have to read each day?
The full M’Cheyne Bible Reading Plan includes four tracks, and each track includes usually one chapter every day. Sometimes one of the readings includes more than one chapter, but usually only if one of the chapters is short (as in the Psalms). Occasionally, one of the readings is less than a chapter, usually when the chapter is very long (as in Psalm 119).

Still, you do not need to read the full four chapters to make use of the plan. The meditations from Free Daily Bible Study will cover the readings from only one track every year. In 2015, Free Daily Bible Study will be based on the first track of readings, from Genesis through 2 Chronicles.

If you are trying to establish a habit of reading the Bible every day, by all means start with reading just one chapter. Work up to reading more after you establish a consistent daily pattern of reading the Bible in your life.

I have found a couple of different versions of the M'Cheyne Bible Reading Plan. Which one will we be using for Free Daily Bible Study?
There are slight differences in two plans that basically come down to whether the fourth track of readings will go through all of the gospels (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John; seen in this version) before moving to the Psalms, or whether that track will put the Psalms between Mark and Luke to break up the readings of the gospels a bit, as the ESV’s version has it.

While I personally prefer the former version (it’s the version that D. A. Carson uses in his book For the Love of God, and it’s nice to break up the synoptic gospels with the Psalms), I will be using the latter version for two reasons. First, it’s the version used for the ESV M’Cheyne Plan Podcast, so if you are someone who listens to a lot of podcasts, the Free Daily Bible Study meditation will line up with the ESV plan.

Second, it’s also the version included in the highly popular YouVersion Bible app.

Frequently Asked Questions about Free Daily Bible Study

Who writes Free Daily Bible Study?
Free Daily Bible Study is written by Jacob D. Gerber. Jacob is the Assistant Pastor of Preaching and Teaching at Redeemer Presbyterian Church (PCA) in Lincoln, NE, where he lives with his wife, Allison, his daughter, Evelyn, and his son, Zachariah.

Jacob is the author of That You May Know: A Primer on Christian Discipleship, a commentary on 1, 2, and 3 John that explores what it means to follow Jesus as a disciple.

How do I subscribe to Free Daily Bible Study by email?
You can subscribe to Free Daily Bible Study by email on the Subscribe page.
Can I subscribe to Free Daily Bible Study, but receive emails only weekly?
Absolutely! When you subscribe by email, just un-check the Daily option and check the Weekly option. The weekly email will be sent out on Saturday mornings.
How do I subscribe to Free Daily Bible Study by podcast?
Here is the link to subscribe to the Free Daily Bible Study Podcast on iTunes.

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For other podcast players, check out the instructions included on the Free Daily Bible Study Podcast page.

What's the RSS feed to subscribe to this blog by my feed reader?
You can get all of the articles at
How can I support Free Daily Bible Study?
The best way to support Free Daily Bible Study is by spreading the word. Invite your friends to study the Bible with you by subscribing to Free Daily Bible Study. Or, follow Free Daily Bible Study on social media and share meditations that you find helpful (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Pinterest).

In terms of financial support, Free Daily Bible Study isn’t a non-profit, so there are no tax-deductible donations. Instead, the easiest way to support Free Daily Bible Study financially is by buying my book That You May Know: A Primer on Christian Discipleship.

Second, I participate in Amazon’s affiliate program, so if you click on my affiliate link, I get a small commission from everything you buy from Amazon for the next 24 hours. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but it’s a simple way to support the expenses of writing, editing, publishing, and hosting Free Daily Bible Study.

Thanks in advance for however you choose to support Free Daily Bible Study!

Frequently Asked Questions About the Free Daily Bible Study Community

What's the comment policy?
First, comments are encouraged! When you participate in Free Daily Bible Study, you make the overall experience for everyone studying along with us so much better.

Second, please be respectful and stay on topic. I’ll leave it at that for now.

Can I follow you on social media?
Absolutely! Here are the links to the Free Daily Bible Study social media profiles:

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