I’m excited to announce a brand new opportunity that will benefit the Free Daily Bible Study community for a long time to come, Lord-willing. Starting today, you and your friends can start Free Daily Bible Study from the beginning any time you want to.

So, if you’re leery about jumping on a Bible study that’s already a couple of months down the road (or, perhaps more, by the time you read this!), no problem! Subscribe to Free Daily Bible Study—or, subscribe through the form below—and you’ll get the Genesis 1 meditation in your inbox tomorrow morning.

New Time Zone Options

And even better, you can choose one of five different time zones to get the meditations every morning in your inbox, regardless of where you live in the world. Here are the options:

  • North/South America: 12:00am PT (UTC -8)
  • Africa/Europe: 12:00am UTC 0 (GMT)
  • West Asia: 12:00am UTC +5
  • East Asia/Australia: 12:00am UTC +8
  • Pacific: 12:00am UTC -11

(Sorry, the time zone option is not available for the normal campaign!)

Find your own time zone in relation to these options on this interactive time zone map.

So, if you have been enjoying Free Daily Bible Study, this is the perfect time to share this Bible study with a friend who didn’t get in at the very beginning of the year. So, would you please take two seconds to share this opportunity with a friend who would benefit from learning the whole story of the Bible with Free Daily Bible Study?

Thanks in advance for sharing this with your friends and family! If you have thoughts or questions, leave a comment below.

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