Free Daily Bible Study

Daily reflections on the unfolding story of the Bible, based on the M'Cheyne Bible Reading Plan.

What is Free Daily Bible Study?

Free Daily Bible Study helps you not only to read the Bible every day, but to understand each day’s reading in the larger context of the whole story of the Bible—and in the larger, unfolding revealing of God’s Son Jesus Christ to the world.

Each day, you will get an email from Free Daily Bible Study with a short passage to read from the Bible as well as an edifying meditation to help you understand the significance of that day’s reading.

Whether you are trying to build the habit of reading the Bible every day or are simply looking for a new devotional, Free Daily Bible Study can help you spend time in God’s word every day.

What Makes Free Daily Bible Study Different

Concise Bible meditations and solid, clarifying devotionals.

Concise Bible Meditations

At an average reading speed, it takes about 5 minutes to read each day’s Bible reading, and another 4 minutes to read through the devotional. That means that Free Daily Bible Study takes less than ten minutes every day—a very manageable amount of reading.

But for those who desire to read more of the Bible, the Bible reading plan (the M’Cheyne Plan) also includes an option for four Bible readings every day, which take an average of 15-20 minutes to read at an average reading speed.

Solid, Clarifying Devotionals

Free Daily Bible Study is written to avoid complicated, jargon-filled writing that only a seminary graduate can understand. Each day’s meditation is clear, concise, and edifying rather than tedious.

On the other hand, the Free Daily Bible Study devotionals are not shallow. Each day’s meditation contains biblical and theological meat that ties in that day’s reading with the larger story of the Bible, and especially with the message of Jesus Christ.

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Jacob D. Gerber

Free Daily Bible Study is written and recorded by Jacob D. Gerber, the Senior Pastor at Harvest Community Church (PCA) in Omaha, NE. Jacob lives in Omaha with his wife, Allison, his daughter, Evelyn, and his sons, Zachariah and Caleb.

Jacob is the author of That You May Know: A Primer on Christian Discipleship, a devotional commentary on 1, 2, and 3 John.

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